Mini Well L600 Versatile Straw Water Filter

No access to clean water? The Miniwell L600 instantly gives you safe, clean water to drink.  It's 3 stage filtration system effectively filters out protozoa, bacteria, heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium), unpleasant taste and odors, and residual chlorine! 

Each filter can safely produce 220 gallons (1000 litres) or more!  The L600 has replaceable filters and you know it's time to replace the filter when water will no longer pass through effectively. 

The Miniwell L600 is perfect for camping, hiking, hunting or any situation where you might find yourself without safe, clean drinking water. Feel safe and secure that you can have life sustaining clean water! Don't chance getting ill from unknown contaminants in your drinking water!

The Miniwell L600 comes with a sturdy clear or green water storage bag, hang the bag and have fresh, clean drinking water anytime!

Miniwell L600 features:

   miniwell L600 water filter straw turns fresh water into drinking water instantly.

  Certified 99.9% removal rate of heavy metal (Lead, Cadmium, Mercury) 

   Removes 99.9% of bacteria, cysts and Parasites etc... 

  Replaceable cartridge lasts up to 1000L before needing to be replaced.

  UF membrane filtration is Physical filtration. UF filter can be cleaned by back            flushing.

  Fast flow rate. No sucking until you're blue in the face. 

 • Filtration capacity 1000 Liters = 2000 plastic bottles saved

 Ideal tool for camping, backpacking, hiking, fishing, military water backup,                tactical hydration.

 • Storable for survival and emergency preparedness.  

  Comes with a handy clear or green water storage bag.

Safety tested and guaranteed to provide safe, clean, fresh tasting drinking water! Imagine not having to worry about boiling water and cooling it or just hoping the water you're drinking is safe! Store fresh drinking water in the convenient water bag or any container of your choice.