Luxtek MirrorCast Media

If you are an avid phone user, this affordable new device will improve your lifestyle dramatically!

Stop me if this seems familiar: You’re at relaxing on the couch after a long day of work, browsing the internet on your phone. You notice that you’re getting a headache because you have to squint to read that tiny phone screen! Ask any doctor and they’ll tell you that using a phone for too long is damaging to your eyesight, and can cause headaches, nausea, etc. But a new device on the market changes all of that…

A Better Way to Use Your Phone

It’s called Luxtek MirrorCast Media. The concept is super simple. Rather than adding another complicated device to your entertainment system, Luxtek MirrorCast Media just makes use of a device you already use daily: Your Smartphone! Using sophisticated MirrorProjection® technology, this neat new tech gadget sends all video and audio wirelessly from your phone directly to your TV, essentially turning your phone into a wireless home-theater system.

Size: 58mm(L) x 58mm(W) x 15.2mm(H)
Weight: 170g
Color: Black
Interface: HDMI 1.4a Interface
Micro USB Power supply
3.5mm Audio Video Interface
Display: HDMI Monitor

System Requirements

Miracast: Android 4.4 or later system/Windows 8.1 or later system
AirPlay Mirroring: iOS 8 or later system
DLNA: Intelligent Devices Built-in or Installed Apps support

Packing List

1. Luxtek Media Cast Dongle x 1
2. Micro USB Power Cable x 1
3. Instructions x 1
4. AV Adapter cable x 1
5. HDMI Cable x 1