LT1200 Military Tactical Green Laser Pointer

Tactical Green Laser Pointer

Want your very own light saber? 

Meet the LT1200 military tactical green laser pointer -- a revolutionary military grade laser carefully engineered and field tested ready for action.  The laser pointer flashlight is so bright, can be seen in direct sunlight.

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Whether you are a laser enthusiast, or are wanting to learn about electronics, soldering, or physics, let us tell you, our green laser has many uses! Great for  presentations, star gazing, and playing with pets. In a wilderness emergency, our green laser pointer can be more effective than a flashlight in signalling searchers and the LT1200 is the best laser pointer available to the public. It's robust housing has a helical structure, with great pressure resistance, built-in cooling system and the protective layer of the PCB. And up to 8000 hours light life. With ultra-high output power, it can quickly ignite matches.

  • LT1200 lasers are the  Brightest, and most  Durable Military Laser Pointer money can buy
  • Our all new Premium Laser is something you truly need to see to believe and the best green laser on the market!  
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